Additional Resources for Current and Alumni participants

This is where current and alumni participants can access the 6 Practical Ideas Guides, the DiA People Leadership Strategies Wheel, ‘Tips and Hints’ guides on various topics, and other support resources.

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  • Program Resources

    • DiA People Leadership Strategies Model / Wheel + 6 Practical Ideas Guides
      • DiA People Leadership Strategies Model
      • 6 Practical Ideas Guides
      • How did you make your people feel visual
    • Tips and Hints guides
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    • Tools, Models and Other materials
      • Access tools, models and other resources
      • SCARF Model by David Rock
      • Change Curve
      • Golden Circle
      • Circle of Control example
      • The Surprising Truth about What Motivates Us
    • Tips for Alumni
      • What Next for DiA Alumni?
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